Heat Systems offer a range of furnace sizes designed for efficient, high-temperature use with minimal maintenance. These furnaces feature fast heat-up times, simple control and smooth pouring action.

Our furnaces are equipped with direct or indirect heating depending on temperature. They are perfectly suited for various heat treatment processes requiring a defined protective or a reaction gas atmosphere. These compact models can also be laid out for heat treatment under vacuum up to 600 °C. The furnace chamber
consists of a gas tight retort with water cooling around the door to protect the special sealing. Equipped with the corresponding safety technology different model versions are available depending on the temperature range required for the process. 

The robust design is a result of ample premium grade refractory and material thickness. We also offer a range of high conductivity / shock-resistant crucibles to suit your batch size.

Accessories such as cascade tables and slag catchment boxes can be customised to suit, providing you with a perfect turn-key solution for your smelting furnace or gold furnaces.

  • A swing-over refractory lid means faster heat-up and more heat retention
  • Height-adjustible cascade table
  • Burner fan run-on to maximise burner life
  • High quality refractory bricks used
  • Kits can be provided to allow for rapid re-lines in-situ should a repair be required. No need for troublesome castable refractory which requires time consuming curing and costly visits from suppliers
  • Pour at the exact smelting temperature due to the benefit of a tilting burner. It’s no longer necessary to overheat to account for the rapid cooling during pouring
  • Hydraulic tilting makes for a very smooth and precise pour
  • Spouted crucibles mean that there is no need for a ceramic transition piece when pouring. No more headaches associated with the expansion / contraction and wear of these items
  • Heat Treatment
  • Mining 
  • Aerospace
  • Laboratory
  • Foundry
  • Glass
  • Pharmacutical
  • Technical Ceramics 
  • Dental 
  • Arts & Crafts.

Heat Systems Products

Heat Systems Carbon Regeneration Kilns are ideal for all Carbon Recovery needs and designed with three factors in mind


Carbon Regeneration Kilns

Heat Systems offer a range of furnace sizes designed for efficient, high-temperature use with minimal maintenance.


Gold Furnaces

Heat Systems offer an extensive range of quality thermal oils that are cleaner running, longer lasting thermal fluids.


Heat Transfer Oils

Heat Systems has the capability to design and manufacture complete thermal oil elution heaters or direct eluate heating packages to suit your process requirements.

Elution Heaters

The Heat Systems screw conveyors are simple, robust and flexible, and are often employed to adjust the temperature of a solid material prior to storage or further processing.

Cooling / Heating Conveyors

HEAT Systems don’t just supply you with off the shelf items, we manufacture them with you in mind. This gives us an intrinsic knowledge of the heating equipment we supply.

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