Screw Conveyors

screw conveyors

The Heat Systems screw conveyor is a simple, robust and flexible device, which is often employed to adjust the temperature of a solid material prior to storage or further processing. The unit is essentially a screw conveyor with heat transfer capability, providing both material movement and temperature adjustment in one device.

Other suppliers typically employ an external jacket to act as the sole heat transfer surface. The problem is that this surface has limited contact with the material due to voidage and movement, generally resulting in a larger unit than necessary being specified to compensate. However, the Heat Systems screw conveyors also use the screw itself to supply or withdraw heat, thereby penetrating deep into the solid which is often a poor conductor (e.g. spent carbon). This effectively results in a smaller, more compact footprint and cost.

A liquid heat transfer medium ensures stable and precise control of the final product temperature (e.g. cooling water, thermal oil, glycol etc). As always, custom screw conveyor designs are available to suit your individual need.

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Heat Systems Carbon Regeneration Kilns are ideal for all Carbon Reactivation & Recovery needs and designed with three factors in mind.


Carbon Regeneration Kilns

Heat Systems offer gold furnaces in a range of sizes designed for efficient, high-temperature use with minimal maintenance.


Smelting Furnaces

Heat Systems offer an extensive range of quality heat transfer oils that are cleaner running, longer lasting thermal fluids.


Heat Transfer Oils

Heat Systems designs and manufactures complete thermal oil elution heaters or direct eluate heating packages to suit your process requirements.

Elution Heaters

The Heat Systems screw conveyors are simple, robust and flexible, and are often employed to adjust the temperature of a solid material prior to storage or further processing.

Screw Conveyors

HEAT Systems don’t just supply you with off the shelf items, we manufacture them with you in mind. This gives us an intrinsic knowledge of the thermal heaters and equipment we supply.

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